The Social Gathering

The Social Gathering Volume 1

The Social Gathering Volume 1
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At the start of lockdown, The Social temporarily stopped being a bar and turned into a magazine. Needs musts and that. The intention was to carry on the kind of conversations we'd have all been having in the bar, random or otherwise, night after night, for the duration of lockdown. We teamed up with the people behind nascent publishing powerhouse White Rabbit (founded by Lee Brackstone, a regular promoter downstairs and barfly upstairs at The Social).

Nine months and over two hundred posts later, The Social Gathering is still going strong - a meeting place for all the late night thinkers and all day drinkers who've currently got no other place to go. The Social Gathering family has grown to include authors, auteurs, provocateurs, DJs, musicians, mavericks, artists and illustrators - basically the clientele of an average night at the bar having a series of lateral conversations as the lights get dimmed and the music ramps up.

This December, we're publishing the first Social Gathering collection. It will bring words and pictures created specifically for the site onto the printed page for the first time. Think of it as a scrapbook of this strange and unique year, a drifting diary or the Beano annual with a growling hangover. There won’t be a better way to see out this damn year.



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